What We Do

We facilitate individual and team fundraising.

Our focus is on the endurance community, enabling athletes to easily raise money and awareness for non-profits, through their participation in endurance events.

Whether that means walking in a 5k, toughing it out on an obstacle course or racing in an iron distance triathlon, ITRIFORGOOD™ combines GOOD challenges with doing GOOD for those in need.

Online Fundraising. By Athletes. For Non-profits. Through Endurance Events.

ITRIFORGOOD™ key definitions: 

Athletes - People of all fitness levels who are participating in endurance events that push them beyond their percieved limitations.

Edurance Events - Challenging events (not necessarily races) that test one's physical limits.  Examples might include but are not limited to:  Running. Cycling. Mountain Biking. Swimming. Triathlon. Trekking/Hiking. Climbing. Sailing. Skiing. Diving. Obstacle Course. CrossFit. Wildcard - This category is defined by help from you!  Tell us about your unique endurance event.


IRS approved 501(c)3 charitable organizations.  There are close to 1 million choices here and we are happy to help you support them by delivering 100% of the funds that you raise!

ITRIFORGOOD™ believes that goal setting, healthy habits, increased confidence, expanded sense of community, fitness and joy are all great side effects from training for and participating in endurance events. There is a tremendous amount of variety available in this space, making it possible for great diversity amongst participants. We love to see folks of all ages and athletic experience walking, running, wheeling, cycling, swimming, climbing and pushing outside their percieved boundaries for GOOD reasons, like health & folks in need.

We strive to make a positive impact in the world by empowering an ever-growing community of people who are dedicated to being a force of GOOD in their own lives and the lives of others. It is a really GOOD community to be part of.