How We Do It

Registered ITRIFORGOOD™ athletes pick their race, choose their charity & set their fundraising goal. We help deliver the GOOD, by providing custom athlete pages that accept and track online donations securely. What really sets us apart from other fundraising platforms? We ensure that 100% of funds raised by our athletes are delivered to the non-profits they choose.

Earning badges, robust social media sharing and the ability to form fundraising teams, all expand the reach for our athletes, the non-profits that they are racing for and the deserving people served by those organizations.

It’s GOOD and simple…
Register as an ITRIFORGOOD™ Athlete.  This gives you access to a page for you to customize on our site.
Create your event.  Enter the details of an event that you have registered for or plan to register for.  Local 5k's work just as well as iron distance triathlons overseas.  As long as it is a GOOD challenge for you, it's a GOOD opportunity to fundraise!
Choose the recipient of your GOOD efforts. What non-profit organization do you want to raise money and awareness for? Choose an IRS approved 501(c)3 whos work inspires you!

Set your fundraising goal & polish up your profile with some GOOD details and you are ready to Get Your Heart Racing!