ITRIFORGOOD™ is a community driven online fundraising platform committed to helping endurance athletes of all abilities raise money and awareness for their favorite non-profit organizations.

How is ITRIFORGOOD™ different from other online fundraising platforms?

We GIVE 100% of what each athletes raises, to their chosen non-profit!

We remove the typical barriers & limitations associated with racing to fundraise. ITRIFORGOOD™ athletes can use their participation in any endurance event, choose any IRS approved 501(c)3 as the beneficiary of their fundraising efforts & select any amount as a fundraising goal.  We provide custom fundraising pages that accept and track online donations securely, share the athlete's fundraising story and enable social media sharing to generate more awareness and support.

Last but certainly not least, we are different from other online fundraising platforms because we too are a non-profit.  ITRIFORGOOD Foundation (ITRIFORGOOD™) is an IRS approved 501(c)3 charitable organization, based in Charlotte, North Carolina (FEIN 46-2398004).

What is the cost to register?

$19.95 is the registration fee for each fundraising campaign that an ITRIFORGOOD™ athlete participates in.

Why is there a registration fee?

ITRIFORGOOD™ absorbs all credit card transaction fees during your fundraising and ensures that 100% of those funds, get delivered to your chosen non-profit. To help ITRIFORGOOD™ sustain a secure online fundraising platform and maintain those higher standards of GOOD giving, $19.95 is due for each fundraising campaign that an ITRIFORGOOD™ athlete participates in. Payment is not due until an event is added to initiate fundraising.

What credit cards are accepted?

ITRIFORGOOD™ utilizes PayPal for cc processing.

PayPal accepts payments from 193 countries via the following cards:

  • Bankcard
  • Visa
  • Switch
  • Discover
  • PayPal Express Checkout
  • American Express
  • Solo
  • MasterCard

Is there a deadline for registering as an ITRIFORGOOD™ athlete?

We think it’s a GOOD idea to start your fundraising with plenty of time before race day. A minimum of a few weeks prior to the date of your event is probably as close as you would want to cut it.

Who can I fundraise for?

Registered ITRIFORGOOD™ athletes can choose any IRS approved 501(c)3 charitable organization as their fundraising recipient.

Are donations made by my donors tax deductible?

Yes! ITRIFORGOOD™ is an IRS approved 501(c)3 charitable organization. Every donation receives a confirmation email with a detailed receipt.

How will ITRIFORGOOD™ know where to send the check for my non-profit?

Checks are delivered to the headquarters of the non-profit recipient as listed with the IRS.

When will the funds I raise be delivered to my chosen non-profit recipient?

Your ITRIFORGOOD™ athlete page remains active for one week following your event in order to capture any final donations once you’ve let everyone know about your accomplishment. ITRIFORGOOD™ has a quarterly payout schedule. A check is sent to your non-profit by the end of the quarter in which your event occurs.

Can I fundraise for more than one organization?

Each race/event is a fundraising opportunity for one non-profit recipient. There are no limits to the number of events & fundraising campaigns that an athlete can participate in.

How will I know that the funds were sent to my chosen non-profit recipient?

You and your non-profit recipient will both receive a letter from ITRIFORGOOD™ regarding the details of your fundraising and GOOD efforts.

Does ITRIFORGOOD™ share my personal information?

No. ITRIFORGOOD™ does not share your information with any third party.

Is donating secure?

We utilize PayPal for all online payment transactions, because of their industry leading security. Information is sent to Paypal for processing via 256-bit SSL encrypted transmission. ITRIFORGOOD™ does not store credit card numbers.

How do I know when someone makes a donation through my athlete page?

You will receive notification of donations via email, which you can opt out of.  You can also view donations in your athlete dashboard under the "Donations" tab.

Why aren't some of my donors listed in the donor scroller?

Donors can choose to be anonymous when making a donation.  The amount will appear on the scroller without the donor's name.

Is there a maximum individual donation?

A $5000 is maximum single donation amount accepted through our site.

What are the limitations for athletes and donors outside of the US?

Donations must be made with the approved credit cards listed above, per PayPal’s accepted forms of cc payment.

Anyone attempting to make a donation from outside the US without one of those cards will be denied.  

All transactions are in US currency.  

International users may be charged a currency conversion fee by their card issuer.

The toll free number will not work from overseas.  

Customer service via email may have longer response times.  

Int'l shipping costs will be applied to purchases from the online store.

What are offline donations?

Offline Donations are contributions made to ITRIFORGOOD™ athlete fundraisers via our offline donation form accompanied by check or cc information.

Offline donations are credited to the ITRIFORGOOD™ athlete’s fundraising total and then listed in the donation tab of their dashboard.

Do you have tutorials available for download?

Yes we do!

Athlete Registration & Create an Event Tutorial

Already Registered & Create an Event Tutorial

Do you have a offline dontation form?

Yes we do!

Offline Donation Form