A Ride with Reason

ridetz2014 photo cred to Nate Kaiser

written by Katie Caniglia 

As the founder of ITRIFORGOOD, the best way that I know how to drive our mission forward is to lead by example, utilizing the powerful tool we’ve created as it was intended.  ITRIFORGOOD was built to connect three powerful communities (athletes, non-profits & supporters) in a way that serves each of them in their service to others.

When taking on a good challenge, everyone’s heart is racing for someone…for something…a purpose greater than just themselves.  My personal tri-fecta of purpose is centered around supporting access to clean drinking water, sustainable nutrition & a quality education for those without.  Gratefully, I've been inroduced to several amazing non-profit organizations whose missions align with that tri-fecta of purpose, including The Foundation For Tomorrow.   It has been an honor to learn about and witness the extraordinary work of TFFT…empowering the future of developing nations.  It has been transformative to partner with them both personally and professionally through ITRIFORGOOD.

In one month, I will travel back to Tanzania, East Africa for my third trip and second adventure in RideTZ.  I will mountain bike 400 miles from the base of Kilimanjaro to the Indian Ocean for a ride with unbelieveable reason.

The ability to participate in a challenging endurance event like RideTZ, which raises awareness and crucial funding for TFFT, so often feels like a gift for the participant rather than the intended recipients.  The truth of course, is that it’s both and so much more.  RideTZ epitomizes the mission of ITRIFORGOOD.  Riders are presented with a physical challenge to overcome and by so doing strengthen understanding about their own perceived boundaries, while deepening their connection to the very places and people with whom TFFT works so tirelessly. 

The Foundation For Tomorrow is thoughtful and strategic in their holistic approach to caring for and empowering orphaned and vulnerable children through education.  I admire and respect them not only for their service to OVC but for the manner in which they serve.  I am a proud partner of TFFT.  ITRIFORGOOD is a proud partner of TFFT.  For more about this partnership, RideTZ and TFFT you can read my rider profile here and see my personal ITFG athlete page here.

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